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Transnational Health Care: A Cross-Border Symposium

An international event co-sponsored by the Academy for Tourism at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences (NL), the Cultural Geography Chair Group at Wageningen University (NL), the Economic and Social Research Council – ESRC (UK), and the University of Leeds (UK)

At a moment in which the provision and regulation of health care within national boundaries is profoundly shifting, the growing numbers of people going abroad in pursuit of health care mean that the social, political and economic significance and impacts of these flows at a range of levels cannot be ignored. This symposium provides those involved in cutting-edge empirical and conceptual studies of the transnational pursuit and provision of medical care the opportunity to share their work, explore emerging research agendas and to encourage and foster future research collaborations.

Stakeholder Event

24 June 2013, 11am to 5pm, Radisson Hotel, Leeds

In this one-day workshop we are going to release the findings of the results of our 2 year ESRC funded project on Cosmetic Surgery Tourism alongside the launch of a smaller NIHR looking at the impacts on the NHS of both inbound and outbound medical tourism. We have collected together experts in this field for a day’s discussion exploring the issued involved.


Sun, Sea, Sand & Silicone: An ESRC funded project on Cosmetic Surgery Tourism:
Ruth Holliday (PI), David Bell, Olive Cheung, University of Leeds;
Meredith Jones, University of Technology, Sydney;
Elspeth Probyn, University of Sydney;
Jacqueline Sanchez Taylor, University of Leicester

Linda McAvan Labour MEP for Yorkshire and The Humber spoke about her role on the EU Public Health Committee and medical tourism

Rachel Patient talked about travelling to Poland for cosmetic surgery following weight loss surgery

Chris Stone C A Stone Medical & Legal Ltd explored some of the pitfalls of cosmetic surgery and how these can be exacerbated in the context of cosmetic surgery tourism.

Angela Chouaib Secret Surgery Ltd discussed the role of cosmetic surgery tourism agents, best practice and the role of the internet in ensuring a positive patient experience

Laurence Vick Michelmores LLP solicitors of Exeter London and Bristol spoke on the reach of UK courts in pursuing medical malpractice claims abroad

Keith Pollard Intuition Communication Ltd. talked about cosmetic surgery abroad: “What patients say… what they want… and what they get”

Inward and outward implications for the NHS of Medical Tourism: An NIHR-funded project
Neil Lunt, Daniel Horsfall, University of York;
Jo Hanefeld, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


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